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Why Did I Write This Book?

Ever since attending Princeton Seminary in the mid-70's, I have been fascinated with the study of the synoptic gospels as narratives. I left seminary with the question, "How do you preach this stuff?" I kept waiting for "the" book to come out that would address my question, but it never came. So I wrote it myself. My agenda is simple. I don't want to look at the various "stories" of the gospels as isolated incidents. I want to read them in the context of a whole narrative. How does Peter's Confession (for example) mean as it is found in Mark? in Matthew? in Luke-Acts? How can a biblical sermon proclaim that episode in light of that gospel's particular "story-as-a-whole?"

This is the question the book explores. I provide readings of Mark, Matthew, and Luke-Acts, interpret Peter's Confession in each of those narrative contexts, and offer three sample sermons. I hope you find the book interesting. I especially would like to hear your response and see how you have experimented with my homiletical method. E-mail me at ourisman@california.com.

David J. Ourisman

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